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Seasonal Property Insurance

Finding great value in your Seasonal property insurance protection is all about finding a great company that provides the coverage, discounts and additional protection at the right price. We’ll proudly compare our protection to any competitor and show how clients get more for less with Anthony.

We’ll find the right coverage for your Seasonal Property and then get down to the business of finding the discounts you deserve.

Discounts and Savings Opportunities

  • Age of Seasonal Home Discount: You may save up to 15% depending on the age of your seasonal home.
  • Burglary/Fire Alarm: Additional discounts up to 15% may be available for your seasonal  dwelling if you have certain alarm systems.
  • Increased Deductible Credit: If you increase your deductible, you receive an additional discount off your premiums.
  • Better Payment Plans: Anthony Insurance offers qualifying customers a superior interest-free bank deduction plan that is truly interest free! No hidden costs or fees.

Features & Optional Extras

  • We offer both a Standard Form Seasonal Homeowners Package as well as Fire and Extended Coverage. Check with your Anthony Representative for further details and qualifications.
  • Inflation Guard: inflation guard is applied at policy renewal to automatically adjust the amount of insurance. The renewal premium is then based upon the revised amount of insurance. All Seasonal Homeowner policies contain this feature, which also adjusts the amount of insurance at the time of a loss to compensate for inflation.
  • Identity Theft: This endorsement provides coverage for identity theft expenses up to a maximum of $15,000 per occurrence arising directly from an act of Identity Theft committed against the Insured. There is a maximum limit of $30,000 per household, per policy period. This endorsement applies on a policy basis and is automatically included if there is a Seasonal Property package on the policy.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Anthony clients choose your monthly payment date and get our interest free, no-fee payment options with a regular market policy.


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