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Auto Insurance Claims

Our clients buy insurance to protect the things they care about. But behind all the possessions, there’s you– our client. At Anthony Insurance, we never forget that person. Here’s how we we’ll help you with your auto insurance claim.

Guaranteed Service. When the unexpected happens you can call us 24/7 and within 30 minutes of the call, we will start the process of getting you back to normal or we’ll write you a cheque for theamount of their annual premium up to a maximum of $1,000* – that’s our Claims Service Guarantee.

We Believe You. We’re always on the client’s side. In the event of a car insurance claim, “we’ll take your word for it”. Really! A claims representative will confirm deductible and claim details, based on the client’s description of the accident, and start the settlement process right away – before any police or third-party reports are received.

Our Rely Network. And when a client has to make an insurance claim on a car policy, they have the choice to work with our Rely Network®, certified and professional collision repair shops that will always make our their priority. We’re confident they can deliver the best service and craftsmanship that we’ll even guarantee their work for as long as a client owns their car.


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During regular office hours - Contact the Anthony Insurance office that you normally work with. Your usual agent will be able to confirm your policy features and coverage so you can start getting life back to normal as soon as possible. It is also reassuring to know that any Anthony Insurance representative can assist you should you not be able to contact your regular office.

After hours emergency - It's always best to talk to your own Anthony Insurance representative first, but if you need emergency, after-hours advice, you can call toll-free 1-800-563-9700 and our representative will be available to assist you.

From USA or Overseas Claims (709) 758 5500 (Call us collect)

Windshield Claims 1 877 593 8008

CAR ACCIDENT? Four important things to remember:

1. Stay calm. Take care of anyone who is injured

  • Call 911 for an ambulance and police if there are injuries.
  • Turn off the engine and do not smoke or place flares near the car.
  • Do not move anyone with injuries unless it is necessary to get them away from fire or passing traffic.
  • Do not move your car if there are injuries, fatalities, extensive damage, or any fuel leaks.

2. If the damage is major, call the police.

  • Call 911 and wait for police to arrive.
  • If damage is minor, and there are no injuries you do not need to call police.

3. Gather information on everyone involved in the accident

  • Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of the other drivers, passengers, witnesses, pedestrians, cyclists and anyone with injuries.

4. If your car is not drivable call for a tow truck. Our 24/7 Claims Service line can arrange a tow truck and rental car for you.

  • We recommend that you have your vehicle towed to your local repair shop or a police compound for secure storage.
  • Remember to remove all valuables from your car.

Contact your Anthony Insurance representative to get advice on next steps.